Raul S. Reyes

Raul S. Reyes worked for Marion Zimmer Bradley from 1987 to 2000. It was a job more varied and hectic than his previous ones: Police Officer in Berkeley, CA; and accountant at the University of California/Berkeley. The latter, however, did serve him well the day one of MZB's children threatened to turn him into an accountant (perhaps a frog wasn't original enough) and Raul just smiled and said "I am an accountant."

Raul has been writing for most of his life, with a variety of published work ranging from science fiction and fantasy to mysteries. His interests range from Asian art and literature to technology (ancient and modern), the sciences, history, geography, military science and history, and television programs of the sixties and seventies, manga and anime, chambara and Wu Xia (Japanese and Chinese sword fight films). He had to give up his kimono collection when he moved to San Francisco and no longer had the room to keep it. He did manage to keep most of his library (the top priority for a writer), which has everything from pulp fiction murder mysteries to science fiction and fantasy, books on science and mathematics, and classics (Asian and Western). He hangs out at the Asian Art Museum, explores sushi bars, and has added some Chinese eateries. He is currently putting together notes for a hard science fiction story.

Published Work:

The Chosen Maiden - SWORD AND SORCERESS 2, DAW, 1985
Connecticat - CATFANTASTIC 3, DAW, 1994 (with Elisabeth Waters)
Interview with Poul Anderson - MZB's Fantasy Magazine #31, Spring 1996
Raven - MZB's Fantasy Magazine #32, Summer 1996
How To Annoy An Editor - MZB's Fantasy Magazine #33, Autumn 1996
Death-Hunt - SWORD AND SORCERESS 14, DAW, 1997
The Dragon's Horde - SWORD AND SORCERESS 15, DAW, Jan 1998 (with Elisabeth Waters)
Background: Getting It Right - MZB's Fantasy Magazine #50, Dec 2000
The Starstone and the Mirror Ball - MUSIC OF DARKOVER, Jun 2013

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