last updated: 5 Dec 2013

Darkovan Chronology

For a list of the Darkover® novels in chronological order, see the Works of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Writing Darkover® Fiction

Darkover® is the property of Marion Zimmer Bradley and her heirs, and the right to prepare a derivative work belongs to the copyright holder. This means that even if you don't publish it or make money from it; it's still illegal. Nobody is allowed to write a Darkover® story or novel without a contract with the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust. You may not write a Darkover® story in English, French, German, Italian, or any other language. Any legitimate editor you sent it to would not publish it because that would be a violation of copyright laws and the Berne Convention. If you have an idea for a Darkover® story, create a new background -- a new universe -- rename your characters, and write it so that the story is clearly NOT Darkovan.

UPDATE: We are starting to do new Darkover® anthologies, but they are currently by invitation only.
MUSIC OF DARKOVER [anthology #13] was published in June 2013.
STARS OF DARKOVER [anthology #14] is scheduled for June 2014.

The name "Darkover" is a registered trademark, owned by the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust.

Darkover® Newsletter

The Darkover® newsletter was discontinued years ago, and all back issues were sold off. (The entire DNL staff went to work for MZB's Fantasy Magazine, and didn't have time to do both.)

We are now starting an online newsletter for MZB's Trust, and it will contain news of Darkover®, but it will have other material as well. To subscribe, fill out the form on our home page.

Darkover® Convention

The Darkover® Grand Council Meeting was held on the East Coast each November. Unfortunately, due to the death of Jaelle of Armida (Judy Gurjuoy), 2013 was the last year. For more information, click here.

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